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Taemen Jung – Fit into the Space

“Fit into the space” is a mobile bed of Korean perilla plants with which the artist will be wandering through Chemnitz on selected days. The plant from the mint family is used in Korean cuisine to make salads and kimchi. Despite its emotional and culinary significance, it is difficult to obtain in the diaspora, which is why it is cultivated in many places on a self-organized basis.

In this workshop we will prepare perilla kimchi together.

Duration: 3pm – 4:30pm

Please register at taemenjung@gmail.com

Taemen Jung Fit into the space, 2024 Skulptur und Workshop Stadtraum und Chemnitz Open Space, Chemnitz Foto: Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz/graukarte.info

Opening Hannah Doepke (Class of Nevin Aladağ) – In-Fluence

Opening of the mixed media installation. A water pool, a floating loudspeaker, waves, words and sky. Searching for reflection and resonance in the exhibition space.

The installation “In-Fluence” sends the amplified sound of words into a pool of water that casts shadows on the wall. The work addresses the human impact on nature and, in this context, our precious resource water, the basis of all life on this earth, but also our dependence on it.

Photo: Hannah Doepke

Chemnitz heat islands: perspectives from art and reality (panel discussion)

In summer, the heavy heat from heat islands is particularly noticeable. These are areas in the city that heat up particularly quickly and cool down only slowly, mainly due to the sealing of surfaces and little shade. The artist Anna Lorenzana takes up the topic of “heat islands” in the context of the exhibition NEW ECOLOGIES Gegenwarten II and developed a graphic work on an advertising pillar to draw attention to these places in the city. For this, she used map material from the company ThINK GmbH, which was generated in July 2023 as part of a project with the Environmental Agency and the Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology using satellite data. Citizens are cordially invited to take part in an open discussion with the artist and representatives of the Environmental Agency and ThiNK GmbH to shed light on the topic from different perspectives and answer questions.

Anna Lorenzana – Artist
Sarah Arnold – Environmental Agency City of Chemnitz
Jakob Maercker, Dennis Kehl – THINK GmbH

Duration: 6 – 7:30 pm
Language: German

Photo: Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz/graukarte.info

Performance and Live-Musik HowHow Kollektiv – to vacant lot

Who owns the land we live on? The performance to vacant lot takes a playful look at privatization, displacement and the social consequences of competition with land as an object of speculation.

Over the duration of the performance, a continuous division and transformation of the plot of land takes place. The changing spatial situation opens up a new playful setting for the performers and the audience. A grid structure of 100 individual square meters is created and then deconstructed again. Various phases of development are traced – from commons to enclosure, speculation, competition and expropriation, to the unclear space that emerges afterwards when all the structures have dissolved again.

Botanical solidarity tour for the release of criminalized plants with Patrick Will

In the artistic undertakings on stinging nettle (Urtica D.) and other unpleasant plants, the “Unkräuter-Informationszentrum” receives not only positive but also occasionally massive dissenting voices. These are particularly surprising when they come from employees of botanical gardens or green space authorities. The “Unkräuter-Informationszentrum” and its human representative Patrick Will regularly gather the background and extent of this backlash in habitats with the best (ruderal) site conditions or botanical-political scandals. The city of Chemnitz has so far fulfilled both of these requirements excellently, which is why the weed field of Europe 2025 has also been created here with its 30 fiber nettles. The “Unkräuter-Informationszentrum” therefore invites you to a botanical tour with open discussions about lists of prohibited plant species, failed apple-tree parades and the positive effects of green space-saving measures for weeds in public spaces.

Duration: 2-5 p.m.
Language: German

Image rights: Nikolaev, Starostina & Will, Still from The Soil is my Patient

Workshop WILD CLAY with Priska Engelhardt

Wild clay is the name for regional clay that is taken directly from the ground. It is not mechanically cleaned and homogenized, but remains as it is – sometimes somewhat unpredictable, wild. We capture wild clay directly in front of the gallery and tame it together as part of the exhibition ERDARBEITEN III.

We make pottery with the earth that has been made accessible by the construction work in Jakobstraße. The focus is on getting to know the material in a playful way.

Duration: 12-17 h
Language: German, English translation possible

Please register at info@klubsolitaer.de
Photo: Priska Engelhardt



Screening and Lecture Performance by and with Christoph Blankenburg

What is the delegate from the stars doing in the Thuringian Forest? – shaken awake by the construction of new roads, cutting swathes between concrete births or calibrating. The film shows an approach to the conditions of the earth’s surface. We are taken on a short journey along the Rennsteig, the 170 km long ridgeway on the historical border of Thuringia and Bavaria.

In a performative lecture, a mixture of film screening and artist talk, the artist Christoph Blankenburg will show excerpts from the award-winning Rennsteig Flimmern 2 and the as yet unpublished Rennsteig Flimmern 3 and enter into an exchange with the audience. Video still: Christoph Blankenburg Rennsteig Flimmern 3, Performance Laura Wiemers

Language: German

Cancelled: Workshop field recording with sensors with Daniel Wolter

Attention: The workshop is unfortunately cancelled due to health reasons

What does life in the ground sound like? What sounds does a tree make? In the workshop, we will visit small urban biotopes in the area around the Lokomov in Chemnitz and listen to the diverse activities of their numerous non-human inhabitants using special microphones. We will then use the recordings to create digital sound pieces to round off the evening in the Lokomov. No previous technical knowledge is required. Sound equipment will be available – if possible, please bring a smartphone with headphones.

Duration: 10 am – 6 pm (incl. lunch break, without catering)
Language: German
Kids only with a supervisor

Please register at info@klubsolitaer.de (until 06.07.)