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Botanical solidarity tour for the release of criminalized plants with Patrick Will

In the artistic undertakings on stinging nettle (Urtica D.) and other unpleasant plants, the “Unkräuter-Informationszentrum” receives not only positive but also occasionally massive dissenting voices. These are particularly surprising when they come from employees of botanical gardens or green space authorities. The “Unkräuter-Informationszentrum” and its human representative Patrick Will regularly gather the background and extent of this backlash in habitats with the best (ruderal) site conditions or botanical-political scandals. The city of Chemnitz has so far fulfilled both of these requirements excellently, which is why the weed field of Europe 2025 has also been created here with its 30 fiber nettles. The “Unkräuter-Informationszentrum” therefore invites you to a botanical tour with open discussions about lists of prohibited plant species, failed apple-tree parades and the positive effects of green space-saving measures for weeds in public spaces.

Duration: 2-5 p.m.
Language: German

Image rights: Nikolaev, Starostina & Will, Still from The Soil is my Patient